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End-to-End Safety Solution for Children Enabled by a Wearable Sensor Vest

JUSPN, volume-06 , Issue 1 (2015), PP 33 - 39

Published: 20 Feb 2015

DOI: 10.5383/JUSPN.06.01.005

by Mirjami Jutila, Pekka Karhula, Helena Rivas , Susanna Pantsar-Syväniemi from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Oulu, 90571, Finland

Abstract: Mobile and wearable sensors are increasingly becoming an important part of our lives in securing everyday actions, monitoring and controlling our heal read more...

Keywords: Wearable Computing, Safety, Children, Sensor, LilyPad Arduino, Adafruit Flora, Sensor Web Enablement

LOS/NLOS Identification Based on Stable Distribution Feature Extraction and SVM Classifier for UWB On-Body Communications

JUSPN, volume-06 , Issue 1 (2015), PP 27 - 32

Published: 15 Feb 2015

DOI: 10.5383/JUSPN.06.01.004

by Mohamed Tabaa, Camille Diou , Rachid Saadane, Abbas Dandache from Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l'Ingénieur (EMSI), Département Recherche & Innovation, Casablanca, Maroc Laboratoire de Conception, Optimisation et Modélisation des Systèmes (LCOMS), équipe Architecture des systèmes Embarqués et Capteurs intelligents (ASEC), Université de Lorraine, Metz, France c Ecole Hassania des Travaux Publics (EHTP), Casablanca, Maroc

Abstract: This paper presents a technique for identifying between both Line-Of-Sight (LOS) and Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) propagation schemes for UWB on-body cont read more...

Keywords: Ultra-wideband (UWB), Line-of-sight (LOS), Non-line-of-sight (NLOS), Stable distribution, Support Vector Machine (SVM), On-body communications.

Support Vector Machines Regression for Channel Estimation in MIMO LTE systems

JUSPN, volume-06 , Issue 1 (2015), PP 11 - 16

Published: 29 Dec 2014

DOI: 10.5383/juspn.06.01.002

by Anis Charrada, Abdelaziz Samet from Tunisia Polytechnic School, University of Carthage, Box 743 - 2078 La Marsa, Tunisia INRS, EMT Center, 800 de la Gauchetière W., Suite 6900, Montreal, QC, H5A 1K6, CANADA

Abstract: This paper proposes an efficient scheme to track the time variant channel induced by multipath fading wireless Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Orthogon read more...

Keywords: Complex M-SVR, MIMO, OFDM, Alamouti coding and LTE.

Personal Mobile Grids: Ubiquitous Grid Environments For Personal Users

JUSPN, volume-06 , Issue 1 (2015), PP 01 - 10

Published: 15 Feb 2015

DOI: 10.5383/JUSPN.06.01.001

by Heba Kurdi from King Saud University, Riyadh , SA, 11432

Abstract: The overall aim of this paper is to introduce Personal Mobile Grids (PM-Grids) as a novel paradigm in grid computing that eases scaling grid infrastru read more...

Keywords: Distributed networks, Mobile Computing Architectures, Mobile environments, Ubiquitous computing