Advisory Board

IASKS founded in 2010, is a not for profit organization registered in Canada.

The International Scientific Advisory Board is consultative. It assists IASKS directors to identify major activities that will help to achieve IASKS objectives; also the advisory board members will help in the definition of the themes and programs of IASKS journals and conferences. The current Board consists of the following distinguished scholars:

Prof. Odeh Al-Jayyousi

International Union or Conservation of Nature, Jordan

Prof. Ilham Y. Al-Qaradawi

Qatar University, Qatar

Prof. Nick Cercone

York University, Canada

Prof. Henry Diab

Lund University, Sweden

Prof. Skip Fletcher

Texas A & M University, USA

Prof. Lydia Dumenil Gates

Center for Research on Environment and Water, USA

Prof. Rafiq Islam

Dalhousie University, Canada

Prof. Irina Kondratova

National Research Council, Canada

Prof. Manfred Lange

The Cyprus Institute, Cyprus

Prof. Ramiro Liscano

University of Ontario, Canada

Prof. Tuomo Melasuo

University of Tampere, Finland

Prof. Marcel Sabin Popa

Universitatea Technica, Romania

Prof. Rosemary C. Wander

American University, USA

Prof. Albert Zomaya

the University of Sydney, Australia

Prof. Ram Kishan Malik

Amity University, India